We've made our tutorial easy to follow, because STEALTH MINER is all about making your experience simple, direct, and above all: usable. You'll be ready to start mining with the EVE Miner bot before you know it after reading through this tutorial.
Step 1
  • Just keep in mind that after you have executed this reset all of your game windows will be pinned, or transparent. You must unpin them using the pin/unpin button which will make them opaque.
  • After this you must arrange your game windows properly, both in station and out of station, exactly as described in the pictures from steps 4 and 5 of this tutorial.
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
That's it! Now you are ready  to make billions of ISK with STEALTH MINER !
- The second step is to go into the configuration menu's  Reset Settings tab and click on the option "Reset to Default Window Positions".
- This will make sure that all game windows are in the right position and  set to the correct size.
- After you reset your client's windows, go to the  Shortcuts tab (located near the Reset Settings tab) and press the button Default located in the bottom right side of the tab.
Note :
- The first step in setting up the game for use with STEALTH MINER is to change your game client from Fullscreen to  Window mode.
- Your game client Window Size needs to be  1024x768.
- UI Scaling must be set to 100%
- The other graphics settings can to be configured as shown in the picture.
- Users running game on low performance PCs  must disable  "Load Station Environment".
  • Game in Window Mode (NOT Full screen),  Window Size 1024x768 Just like in the picture.   
  • Do not confuse the game client Window Size resolution with your monitor's screen resolution, as these are different things
  • It is recommended that your Windows desktop (your monitor resolution) be set to at least   1152x864. A better resolution is  1280x1024 or higher.
  • If you happen to have a low end monitor or a laptop with a small display and the monitor height resolution can't be set higher than x768 you must make sure to set the Windows Taskbar to Auto-hide, so that it doesn't cover part of the client window.  Alternatively, you can move your Taskbar to the right side of your monitor if your width resolution is larger than  1280x (To do this you can left click the Taskbar then drag-and-drop it at the right side of the screen.)
- Navigate to the General Settings tab.
- Set the Context Menu Fontsize to 10.
- Select 0 Targets on the Auto Target Back  dropdown menu so that you do not target someone by mistake in space.
- Select "Black" for Window Color and Background Color.  You must also set the Transparency of both of these colors to 255. This is accomplished by moving the transparency sliders all the way to the right as shown in the picture.
- Make sure to select Auto Reject Invitations, on the  Audio & Chat tab so that you are not bothered during your mining sessions.
  • Context Menu Fontsize: 10. Window Color and Background Color: Black. Transparency: 255 (Sliders all the way to the right)
-game windows arrangement in Station, should be set up exactly like in the above picture.

  • Important:  When you create a bookmark, you don't save the location for the belt itself, you bookmark spots in the belt. Try to find an asteroid surrounded by many asteroids within a range of 10-12km. Once you have done so right-click on this asteroid and choose Save Location, (During mining operations the ship will warp to 0M so you'll be on top of the asteroid itself.) You can bookmark only one spot in the belt or you can make up to 3 bookmarks within a single belt. (For example, you can travel to a belt and make a bookmark on the left side, one on the right, and another in the middle.)
  • When you create the Station bookmark (saved location), you must undock and bookmark the station itself. You can do this by right-clicking on the station and choosing Save Location. (Not just an empty spot in space outside the station.)
- When setting up the asteroid belt bookmarks make sure you have as many asteroids as possible within your mining range.  Make sure that the "Overview" window has a new tab called "Asteroids" which contains only asteroids (sorted by distance) in order to avoid targeting anything else by mistake!

- After you reset the windows positions, you don't need to move the Selected Item and Overview windows from their default positions. You just need to extend the Overview to the bottom to be sure that at least 10-15 asteroids are visible.  It's also very important to unpin the Selected Item window and increase the height of the window at the top of the game window so you can see large icons inside of it.

  • Right click the Default tab in the Overview window and select Add Tab. Name the new tab Asteroids.
  • Create an Overview Profile which only displays Asteroids by clicking the small white square to the left of the Overview title in order to access the Overview menu. This will open the window's menu. Select Open Overview Settings. Go to Filter, click the button to Deselect All (it is situated on the bottom of the Overview Settings Window near the Select All option), open the Asteroids folder and select all the asteroids you wish to mine. You can select all types, or just specific ones if you intend to use Mining Crystals.
  • Once this has been done open the Overview menu again, select Save Current Type Selection As..., and name it Asteroids. Then right click the Asteroids tab you created earlier and load the Asteroids profile.
  • It is mandatory that the  Selected Item window and  Overview window be unpinned.  To do that you will need to UnPin it by clicking the Pin/UnPin icon, which looks like a pin, and is located near the minimize icon on the window.
- If you intend to use Combat Drones to protect your ship against pirates or Mining Drones to increase your mining yield, you must separate your Drones in your Drone Bay.  You can split them one by one using "Shift-click", or you can go outside the station and launch your drones into space which will cause them to be split when you recall them.
- You must place at least two (2) drones in your drone bay to run this option.
- Do not modify the Drones window size. Just unpin it and move it into position above the Ore Hold window.
  • Split your drones before you start mining and place only the maximum number of drones you can launch into space inside your  Drone Bay.
  • Place the Drones  window, unpinned,  above your Ore Hold window.
  • Before you start mining your drones should appear in your Drone Bay exactly as shown in the screenshot.
If you have additional questions or need more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us !


Note :
Note :
Note :
Note :
Note :
For a complete test we recommend that you start the mining session from inside the Station!
- full details about the Inventory/Hangar setup in Station
Everything on your game client screen must be arranged exactly as it appears in the screenshot.
- Open your People & Places window by pressing "ALT+E" keys and go to the  Places  tab.
- Create a New Folder in the People & Places window and name it Mining Folder. Place all your saved belt locations (bookmarks) and the saved location of the station  (bookmark) in this folder.
- Double-click your Mining Folder. This will open it up in a separate window. Move this Mining Folder window to the upper left corner of client screen, as pictured.
- Click on "Label" to sort the bookmarks/locations so that the station is the first in list and following it are the asteroid belt bookmarks. 
... continue Station Setup
Step 7
-The game Client window arrangement for a POS is similar to a standard Station setup for unloading to the Station Hangar (as detailed in Step 4), with a few slight changes.
- full details about the POS Inventory setup.
If you have a Player Owned Station (POS ) and you want to unload the ore you're mining into the  POS Corporate Hangar Array instead of the Station Hangar then you must make a few adjustments to your setup.
  • Make sure that all game windows, both inside and outside of the Station, are unpinned. They must have an opaque background.
Everything on your game client screen must be arranged exactly as it appears in the screenshot.
Everything on your game client screen must be arranged exactly as it appears in the screenshot.
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