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STEALTH MINER is an Mining Bot Macro program designed by EveMinerTech.  If you have landed on this site, most probably you already know how boring and exhausting is the job of mining asteroids,  manually performed. Eve Miner bot completely takes over this task by automating the mining process for you. This will free up every day a plenty of your real life time, and you can enjoy game while the Eve Miner bot will take care of your mining operations and will supply you with ISK.

You can easily make up to 350mil ISK per day while totally AFK. Make ISK while you are watching TV, while at work, while taking a test at school, or even while sleeping, just by using STEALTH MINER !  This means that no matter what you're doing, the Eve Miner bot will do the job flawlessly while you are completely away from the PC.

STEALTH MINER mining bot is a product that is easy to use, uses a simple and friendly interface,is secure, offers reliable accuracy, and was designed by professionals.
We are proud to offer you our newest product:  STEALTH-MINER ELITE !

Like our other products this is an "Eve Miner Bot Macro" which supports simultaneous macro mining with 3 clients on a single PC. This means that you can triple the amount of mining you do, and maximize your daily ISK profit..

STEALTH MINER Version 4.5 is available now. 
All of these features put together make our Eve Miner bot secure, efficient, safe, and hands down the absolute best mining bot available on the market.
Our comprehensive tutorial includes detailed screenshots which describe the perfect setup for the Eve Miner Bot.

The client works perfectly with  Windows XPWindows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 ; it supports all the latest patches as they come out.
Our Free all Future Updates policy ensure that you'll be able to use your copy of STEALTH MINER; with every new update we make to the software. We will immediately notify you so you can download it and keep on mining.
For more information and full description of the Eve Miner mining bot you should read the Features page.
Eve Miner bot has been released! It supports mining with 3 accounts on same PC at the same time !
STEALTH MINER, easy  to use and the most complete mining bot macro for making profit.
Eve Miner Bot updated for latest patch.
We provide for free all Future Updates of the software for our Customers.
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Stealth Miner - Eve Miner Mining Bot Macro
You don't need to have any programming experience to use this Eve Miner bot. You just need to set up your ship for mining by following the simple step-by-step tutorial of the Eve Miner bot (available in both text and screenshots). We explain everything from the beginning, and in few minutes you will be ready to launch yourself into the space and mining like a PRO without many efforts, utilizing the Eve Miner bot. Just like autopiloting to a system, you can walk away from the computer and let the bot do its thing, and when you come back you'll have a gotten a lot of mining done!

The Eve Miner bot has been designed from the ground up to maximize your mining yield and roll in billions of ISK and is capable of turning your mining characters into relentless ISK - making machines ! So you don't need to spend hours mining asteroids day by day to make all the ISK that you need.

Unlike some other  mining bot macro programs that are full of bugs, STEALTH MINER is a fully tested bot. We pride ourselves on having no run time errors, no bugs (any which do creep in are eliminated immediately), and the software will just plain work without any overly complex installation or configuration.

STEALTH MINER DOESN'T REQUIRE ANY ACCOUNT INFORMATION to can run! (Information like your login name and password). No matter what, you need to AVOID these kind of programs as they are never secure! ( never to give out your login and password as step one in account security!)

Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and OCR Technologies, we have implemented a wide range of amazing features. This includes the Stealth Mode feature that makes the macro mining bot harder to detect, and keeps you safe. That's a big part of what makes STEALTH MINER bot mining macro software so much different from all the other mining bots !
Microsoft Authenticode - Windows® Application
  • Fully customizable macro bot that supports any type of ship and any fitting. Make use of  any number and kind of mining lasers you desire: tech I or II, strip miners, ice harvesters. Works great with Mining Crystal upgrades,  lets you take full advantage of them if you choose to use them. Auto-approach asteroids that aren't in your mining range, making it easy to really exploit the resources of a belt during your mining run. If a belt runs out of ore Eve Miner bot warps your ship to a different belt.
  • Launch Combat Drones to protect your ship against NPC pirates or Mining Drones to increase your mining yield.  Unload to Station Hangar / POS (Player Owned Station) Hangar, or Jettison Ore for pickup by another hauler. The powerful Gate Mining option unlocks the Eve Miner bot ability of traveling to and mining in any system. (And returning ore to any home base you choose.) Very useful for mining in systems without a Station or mining multiple systems at once. It does not matter how many jumps away from a system your ship is, our macro bot can handle the task. This is an ability no other Eve Miner bot has. JetCan Hauler option to turn your client into a powerful mining operations support hauler; have your client pick up ore which has been left in space by your mining partner and transport it to the station. With the Station to Station Hauler feature you can transport all your goods with ease; pick up or drop off market goods or move your entire operation to a new base.
  • The Eve Miner Shield Scanner ensures that when your shield its down the program will try to save your ship by sending your ship through warp to a safe spot. Optionally activate defensive modules when your ship takes damage; modules are turned back off when the threat has passed, saving capacitor. Eve Miner mining bot has also lots of additional security features which allow you to protect your ship from players or NPCs and to help you keep a low profile. Enhanced protective settings allow you to avoid belts with NPC pirates or player ships, or if you're feeling feisty: take out those pirates for their ISK bounty.  We accomplish this by making sure you have options to mine in solitude if other players are around and automatically warping you to a different belt if you've chosen this option. Eve Miner bot also can be set to engage and destroy NPC pirate ships, and it can also to protect you against NPC jamming.  For ultimate peace of mind, the Eve Miner mining bot can be set to Monitor Hostiles activity  in the system you are mining and to protect your ship accordingly, based on your own preferences in order to protect your ship from being spotted and threatened by other players; make reputation-based choices, or avoid war enemies and even your own corp-mates for times when you want to engage in secret mining ops.
  • STEALTH MINER is the bot you can use if you want to look human as it incorporates so many features to make you appear human: random stray clicks, random pauses between clicks and keystrokes, random pauses in the station, and random choice of belt bookmarks on each warp; every single one of these features adds up to make it impossible to determine that STEALTH MINER is running. For even greater human-like behavior the mining bot can be set to take scheduled breaks at any time during operations, or to quit game at any point; this makes the bot look even more human, and is perfect for finishing a series of mining runs before downtime. Stealth Mode is an amazing security feature designed to ensure the complete safety of your account as it makes the  mining bot harder to detect. If your client is disconnected or the server is down will end the mining process and exit the Eve Miner mining macro bot.
  • Another unique and amazing feature of the Eve Miner macro software is its ability to tell you (using the program's voice synthesizer) where your ship is and what it is doing at all times. This functionality means that no matter what, be it doing your homework, talking on the phone, or watching a sporting event, you can keep up with what's going on during your mining operations.  Our macro bot gives you this power.
You have the opportunity to see STEALTH MINER in action,  feel free to download and test yourself the Mining Bot Trial version!
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